Unprecedented conveyor efficiency for your packaging line

Klüberplus C2 PM2 Ultra Dry food-grade plastic conveyor belt lubricant outperforms every other solution in the market.

To achieve your ultimate production output, you need superior conveyor lubrication. We have worked with leading food and beverage companies to turn our lubrication expertise into unrivaled line efficiency for your plant: Klüberplus C2 PM2 Ultra Dry.

Unmatched coefficient of friction (CoF) increases line speeds. Increased packaging stability reduces downtime. Less residue accumulation and a built-in cleaning agent reduce need for cleaning. Dry lubricants ensure work surfaces stay dry and improve workplace safety. Decreased need for harsh cleaning agents and water benefits your workers’ health, safety and the environment.

These benefits mean more uptime, reduced maintenance cost and better sustainability.
Providing unmatched expertise in reducing friction—that’s how Klüber Lubrication gets your packaging line performing at an entirely new level. View full product information.

Additional sales due to higher line efficiency

Improvement of line efficiency
*This calculator simulates different scenarios to provide projected approximations. Actual production results may differ. Additional cost savings from decreased use of water, cleaning agents and less maintenance not included.

Calculate your additional production potential

Enter your current production parameters to see how much production output you can gain with Klüberplus C2 PM2 Ultra Dry conveyor chain lubricant. Based on our extensive trial data, you can expect to see an increase in line efficiency of at least 1-5%.

View infographic.

Greater Efficiency for Your Filling Line

Discover how optimal conveyor lubrication helps you improve your operational efficiency.

The data presented here is based on our general experience and knowledge and is intended to give guide values. Results may vary to each trial or line as the equipment line parameters change. We recommend contacting us to discuss your specific application and how you can obtain the best of our lubricant solution.